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whole-body vibration

How Whole-body Vibration Boost Circulatory and Metabolic Functions

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy boosts circulatory and metabolic functions through several mechanisms. Here’s how the vibration enhances these bodily functions: 1. Improved Blood Circulation Mechanism: Effect: 2. Lymphatic Drainage Mechanism: Effect: 3. Increased Metabolic Rate Mechanism: Effect: 4. Stimulation of Muscle Fibers Mechanism: Effect: 5. Hormonal Effects Mechanism: Effect: Summary of Benefits from Enhanced […]

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Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

The Whole-Body Vibration Therapy revolutionizes recovery and performance at Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic in Cebu City At Form and Function Chiropractic (FFCC), we are thrilled to incorporate Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) therapy into our comprehensive corrective care program. This innovative therapy, using medical-grade plates with the same technology utilized by NASA astronauts, significantly advances human […]

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