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Forget about fluoride!

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Consider all the years you’ve spent going to the dentist to keep your teeth and gums healthy. How many of those visits included the application of fluoride to improve your dental health? Almost certainly all of them! Unfortunately, fluoride has a negative side effect that many people are unaware of, and your dentist isn’t either.

Fluoride has been ingrained in our minds over the years as essential for maintaining healthy teeth. But what if everything said about fluoride’s supposed benefits is false? What if you’ve been putting a toxin on your teeth and inside your body all along?

Here’s how it works. Fluoride may appear to be beneficial, but it is actually a contaminated chemical byproduct extracted from fertilizer during the manufacturing process. It’s so bad for you that the packaging label must state that a toxic substance is present inside. Nonetheless, this is what they intend to put on our teeth.

Another lesser-known side effect of fluoride use is dental fluorosis, a type of tooth decay. This weakens the immune system, can lead to certain cancers and gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting and diarrhea, and can even result in birth defects. Furthermore, according to Harvard University researchers, those who regularly use fluoride have lower IQ scores. Using fluoride at this point probably does not seem like a good idea.

However, fluoride exposure is common in the Western world. Although the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is quite low, consistent use at least once daily, 365 days a year, combined with exposure from municipal water sources results in shocking exposure. In fact, China abruptly stopped adding fluoride to its water after observing a 550% increase in dental fluorosis. That is incredible!

Despite what the American Dental Association (ADA) would have you believe, fluoride is not a necessary mineral for humans or animals. If you’re wondering what to do after years of being exposed to this toxic chemical, detoxifying your body of fluoride accumulation is relatively simple.

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to incorporate small amounts of iodine-containing foods into your diet. Iodine effectively displaces or ‘kicks out’ fluoride, allowing your body to eliminate it. Of course, keeping your liver and bowels in good working order will help you eliminate them more efficiently, but adding a small amount of iodine will help you get rid of the fluoride safely and effectively.

So forget about fluoride! Your health will appreciate it!

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