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Form & Function Corrective Chiropractic Conducts Spinal Screening at Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Starting the “Ber” Months Strong with Spirit of Volunteerism at Form & Function Corrective Chiropractic

September marks the start of the “Ber” months, signaling the beginning of the holiday season in the Philippines. This is a time of festivity, joy, and most importantly, giving. At Form & Function Corrective Chiropractic, we wanted to dive into this spirit of giving and volunteerism headfirst.

Form & Function Corrective Chiropractic’s Mission to Spread Spine Health Awareness

Recently, our team visited the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, an inspiring institution working relentlessly to uplift underprivileged children by giving them access to quality education. Not only does this foundation ensure that these bright minds get the academic resources they need, but it also attends to their overall well-being. We felt an immediate kinship with this mission.

Understanding the impact of good spine health on overall well-being and daily life, we were driven to spread awareness. With our dedicated team, we conducted a free spinal screening for the children, the foundation’s diligent staff, and passionate volunteers. This simple yet powerful posture awareness session was a gesture to emphasize the importance of a healthy spine in one’s daily life.

The day was not all about screenings, though. It was also filled with laughter, games, and dancing! We were particularly entertained by the Japanese volunteers Aira, Kotomi, Hana, Hiromi san, who graced the day with vibrant dance performances, even teaching the kids some fun moves. Their energy was infectious, adding layers of joy to an already uplifting day!

Our day at the foundation wouldn’t have been complete without treating the attendees to snacks, ensuring they had both food for thought and their bellies.

Rise Above Foundation Cebu’s commitment to improving lives

The foundation’s broader vision left us in awe. Beyond education, they provide computer and internet facilities to aid daily studies, and their library boasts a plethora of books. The commitment doesn’t stop at education. Every morning, students are greeted with hearty meals before they head off to school, ensuring they have the right nutrition to fuel their learning. Furthermore, the foundation has taken commendable steps towards community upliftment. The women of Guadalupe community, including mothers of these students, are trained in creating bags from recycled sacks, providing them with a means of livelihood.

In this inspiring environment, we were reminded of the interconnectedness of health, education, and community empowerment. A big shoutout to Abi, Nida, Maiken, Kasper, and the entire Rise Above Foundation team for letting us be a part of this heartwarming initiative. We’re also incredibly thankful to the enthusiastic Japanese volunteers who added so much spirit to the day.

As we head into the rest of the “Ber” months, we’re invigorated with a reinforced mission: to champion health education on spine care, ensuring the bright children today can face tomorrow with even brighter futures.

Here’s to strong spines, stronger communities, and the strongest spirit of giving! 🌟📚🤗

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