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Because Life is better when you are healthy

Welcome to Form & Function Corrective Chiropractic, Topnotch provider of natural, non-surgical, drug-free holistic healthcare in the form of spinal adjustments and exercise programs for the Cebu community. Our premium services help take people of all ages from varying states of pain and dysfunction to optimal health.
Spinal Adjustments

Our chiropractors perform adjustments to the spine and other joints in the body. The goal is to detect and correct subluxations, ease pain, facilitate the nervous system, and support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Active Exercise Programs

These exercises are determined and supervised by the doctor and are meant to not only restore function quicker, but more importantly, help the patient be less afraid of activity, gain confidence that they will be okay, and in the end improve the quality of daily life much sooner than with chiropractic adjustments alone.

Nutrition & Rehab Aids

Maximize the benefits of your chiropractic adjustments by making sure you’re getting the best nutrition you can. Our chiropractors will work with you and help you to understand the types of foods you should be eating.

about us

Learn About Corrective Chiropractic Care

Corrective care is defined as a specialized chiropractic technique that focuses on restoring alignment and balance to the spine.

At Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic, we’re committed to not just relieving symptoms but to correcting their cause and optimizing your body to function better than it ever has before.

Our services

Holistic Health Services

Corrective Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care that retains the core of chiropractic principles and combines it with modern advances in functional rehabilitation
Corporate Wellness
Corporate seminar on the importance and benefits of Chiropractic care in keeping employees healthy and efficient workers minimizing sick days and lowering insurance premiums
Care Plan
Recommended care package based on which spinal degeneration phase our practice members are at
Lunch & Learn
A 20-minute presentation on chiropractic with free postural screenings. Lunch will be provided to attendees
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program
Improve your game and heal from golf injuries with supervision of and training by Dr. Scott Jahn, DC, CPAK, CSCS, TPI Certified
Health & Fitness Books
Resources to give you a great guide for maintaining your optimum health and peak performance levels for a lifetime

Chiropractic Care Plans

Recommended care package based on which spinal degeneration phase our practice members are at.
Emergency Care
In this phase, practice members are seen 2-3 times each week
Corrective Care
This care is for when a practice member's spine is fused by degeneration
Acute Care
In this phase, practice members are seen at least 3 times per week
Wellness Care
Wellness care is for individuals who want the spine checked regularly

Join Our Spartan Team

If you or your kids have ever wanted to try an obstacle race, now is your time! Join our Spartan team. Train with us. Get adjusted on the day of the event! Pop it on the calendar and join our kids or adult teams and have some fun with us.

“Persistence: The only way to fail is to quit. Never give up!“
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Successful Stories

Dr Scott Jahn regularly receives letters of thanks from former patients or their family members for the high level of care he provides throughout our facility. Below are just a few examples of the nice messages we have received. For privacy purposes, we only included the first names of the authors.
No need for surgery!
Before having sessions with Dr. Scott Jahn, I had been told that surgery was my only option for my severe back pain.  I did not want surgery nor pain meds so I just simply did nothing for about a year.   My pain became so bad it affected everything. I knew I had to do smething. Thankfully, I heard of Doc Scott and went for an appointment. Fast forward several months after, I am completely healed. My back’s never been better!
Sophia Lawrence
Regained my holistic health
About a year ago, I hurt in so many places that just getting through the daily ritual at work, then facing the night time trying to sleep was affecting me mentally. I was amazed to learn how Dr. Scott Jahn has helped me with my holistic health. My immune system, my digestion, my posture, and my mental health improved. It has been a slow healing process, but I have become the person I know I could be when I found the answer to my pain.
Arianna Morgan

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